We’ve Been Talking Trash for Over

Two Decades

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Founded by Martin M. Ullicny in 1994, MGM Dumpsters began humbly with just three employees. Over the years, the organization has grown to now include ten times as many employees, and has achieved immense success due to the hard work and dedication of all those involved in the day-to-day functioning of MGM. Mr. Ullicny’s children, who came up in the business, took over management of MGM Dumpsters in 2010, and have continued to bring success to the company in homage to their father.

Our Mission

We aim to serve the community by providing trash removal and recycling services. We pride ourselves in utilizing the most environmentally conscientious methods available in the industry. Our friendly and knowledgeable team members offer commercial and residential customers alike flexible options that will meet all their waste management needs.


Our Quality Service Guarantee

Here at MGM Dumpsters, our customers really do matter and we respect the fact that you’re running a business just as much as we are. That’s why we believe in truly exceptional customer service and that’s why we guarantee every call will be met with a friendly voice and industry know-how.  Our team works together diligently on a daily basis to prioritize the customer experience over everything else so that you can always depend on us to deliver our services in a timely and satisfactory manner. We don’t talk trash—we move it.


We’ve been using MGM for over 5 years. They have been fantastic to work with. We’ve always been able to call and speak with someone immediately.

With the seasonality of our business it sometimes necessitates to have our roll off swapped out mid weekend. I’ve been able to call and have it taken care of. Their customer service is terrific!

Thanks MGM!
— Blake's Orchard
Great company to deal with! I’ve been using them for about 5 years now. No matter who answers the phone they are always polite and in a great upbeat mood! They’ve always been able to provide me with any size dumpster I needed, and when I needed it.
— Michael. Belloli Home improvements
A few years back, MGM took over all of the Armada Fair’s garbage disposal. This meant getting rid of a large corporate company that could never keep our specialized needs straight. MGM and the staff solved our off-season needs and conquered the incredibly large task of removing our trash DURING THE FAIR!!!!! The transition was seamless.

It is so wonderful to have a friendly voice answer the telephone and remember who you are!

Hats off to Marty and his team!

The Armada Fair appreciates your professionalism and your hard work!!!

— Armada Fair
I started using MGM in early 2018 because the company I had been using became undependable. I must say MGM has far exceeded my expectations, from their prompt deliveries, to the outstanding customer care in the field and the office! When using refuse container (dumpster) companies, I have to trust that the company represents my company in a professional, kind manner, as my overall reputation is judged by who I use! MGM has been outstanding to work with! We use them exclusively now!
— Dale Vigliarolo, LakePointe Construction
I’ve been working with MGM Dumpsters since 2013. They excel at providing value and great service. I noticed right away they were different, and a cut above the rest, because their drivers and staff always go above and beyond to accommodate and satisfy the customer’s every need.
MGM Dumpsters provides very competitive pricing, along with a great team of experts to work with, while providing our customers with exceptional services. Our business partnership is strong, and I know I can rely on them everyday for my waste removal needs, responsibly and safely.
— Michael McCauley